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Add the extension "org.eclipse.ui.views" to your plugin. An editor typically requires that the user explicitly select "save" to apply the changes to the data while a view typically changes the data immediately. Let me know if that works for you too. Currently, I need to move this app to RAP. http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-read-workbench-state-problems-occurred-restoring-perspective.html

Do you want to exit? Page generated in 0.01657 seconds .:: Contact :: Home ::. There is no corresponding perspective extension. Views and Editors are defined via extension points in the file plugin.xml via the tab "Extensions".

A Perspective - defines the layout of your application. Reload to refresh your session. Rohit Khariwal Co-Founder Director InfoShore Software Private Limited www.infoshore.biz Replies: 1 - Pages: 1 Powered by Jive Software Eclipse(TM) is a registered trademark of the Eclipse Foundation Program Creek XMLMemento_formatError = Could not parse content of XML file.

WorkbenchAPI 13. Workbench_findReplaceToolTip = Find/Replace # --- Navigate Menu --- Workbench_goInto = Go &Into Workbench_goIntoToolTip = Go Into Workbench_back = &Back Workbench_backToolTip = Back Workbench_forward = &Forward Workbench_forwardToolTip = Forward Workbench_up = &Up WizardList_description = The following wizards are available. The plugin.xml is : " ...

Multi-User settings Eclipse RCP applications save configuration files in the folder ".metadata". Report message to a moderator Re: Error "Unable to create perspective" when run deployed RAP application [message #777217 is a reply to message #776811] Tue, 10 January 2012 Both terms can be used interchangeably. get redirected here WorkbenchParts - Views and Editors As described earlier the WorkbenchWindow and the WorkbenchPage represent the visual and inner part of the graphical user interface.

WorkingSetEditWizard_title=Edit Working Set WorkingSetNewWizard_title=New Working Set WorkingSetTypePage_description=Select a working set type WorkingSetTypePage_typesLabel=&Working set type: WorkingSetSelectionDialog_title= Select Working Set WorkingSetSelectionDialog_title_multiSelect= Select Working Sets WorkingSetSelectionDialog_message= Selec&t a working set: WorkingSetSelectionDialog_message_multiSelect= &Select working sets: AboutFeaturesDialog_noInformation = No further information is available for this feature. The WorkbenchPage contains Parts, which can be Views or Editors. Views must implement the createPartControl() and setFocus() methods.

Workbench_problemsRestoring=Problems occurred restoring workbench. About this website 15.1. Extension-points define interfaces for other plug-ins to contribute functionality (code and non-code). We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Do you want to overwrite? http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-find-jvm-dll.html I also found a similar topic: "eclipse.org /forums /index.php /m /68045 /", but the reason was not clear , and it didn't work for me. HideItems_itemInUnavailableActionSet = This item cannot be made visible because the action set ''{0}'' which contributes it is unavailable. Would you like to save now anyway?

ContentTypes_removeContentTypeButton=Remove ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_title=Create a new content-type ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_descritption=Set initial attributes of a new content-type ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_nameLabel=Name: ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_defaultNameNoParent=Custom Content-Type ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_defaultNameWithParent=Custom Sub-type of {0} ContentTypes_newContentTypeDialog_invalidContentTypeName=Invalid name for a content-type ContentTypes_failedAtEditingContentTypes=Couldn't edit content-type registry # ========================================================================= # You can also add placeholders for views via the layout.addPlaceholder() method call. Add view to perspective via code I personally prefer extension points over code. this contact form Add the extension "org.eclipse.ui.perspectiveExtensions" to your plugin.

createPartControl() is used to create the UI components of the View. ClearWorkingSetAction_text= Deselect Wor&king Set ClearWorkingSetAction_toolTip= Deselect the active working set WindowWorkingSets= &Window Working Sets NoWorkingSet = N&o Working Sets SelectedWorkingSets = Se&lected Working Sets NoApplicableWorkingSets = No applicable working sets # There is no corresponding perspective extension.

RevertPerspective_title = Reset Perspective RevertPerspective_message = Do you want to reset the current {0} perspective to its saved state?

DecoratorWillBeDisabled = Exception in Decorator. Its content can not be changed. ImageDescriptor is a light-weight representation of an Image. Maintain the id "de.vogella.rcp.intro.view.MyView" and the class "de.vogella.rcp.intro.view.MyView".

It's really strange, cause it ran normally inside Eclipse.In my application there is only one perspective, on that I put only one view with some stack layout. This class is typically called Application and must implement the interface IApplication. OpenPerspectiveDialogAction_tooltip=Open Perspective #---- General Preferences---- PreferencePage_noDescription = (No description available) PreferencePageParameterValues_pageLabelSeparator = \ >\ ThemeChangeWarningText = A restart may be required for the theme change to take full effect. http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-get-project-for-the-run.html WorkbenchStatusDialog_SeeDetails=See 'Details' for more information.

If you have any concern regarding the copyright of the content, Contact us with the original reference and the content will be removed. If you specify the value "@user.home/applicationname" the configuration will be saved in a user specific folder. 14. Views are defined via the extension point "org.eclipse.ui.views" and Editors via the extension point "org.eclipse.ui.editors". PropertyDialog_propertyMessage = Properties for {0} PropertyPageNode_errorMessage = Unable to create the selected property page.

Select = Select NewWizardSelectionPage_description = Select a wizard NewWizardShortcutAction_errorTitle = Problem Opening Wizard NewWizardShortcutAction_errorMessage = The selected wizard could not be started. WorkbenchStatusDialog_MultipleProblemsHaveOccured=Multiple problems have occurred WorkbenchStatusDialog_ProblemOccurred=A problem has occurred. Resolving the problem WORKAROUNDS: Here are two possible methods to circumvent the issue and recover from this type of error: Delete (or rename) the file workbench.xml which is found in your AboutSystemPage_FetchJobTitle=Configuration Fetch Job AboutSystemPage_RetrievingSystemInfo=Retrieving system information... # --- Shortcutbar --- PerspectiveBarContributionItem_toolTip = {0} perspective PerspectiveBarNewContributionItem_toolTip = Open Perspective #--- Coolbar --- WorkbenchWindow_HelpToolbar = Help WorkbenchWindow_FileToolbar = File WorkbenchWindow_NavigateToolbar = Navigate WorkbenchWindow_searchCombo_toolTip

Creating a perspective in Eclipse is straightforward. ErrorClosingNoArg = An error has occurred. ActionSetSelection_availableActionSets = Available &action sets: ActionSetSelection_menubarActions = &Menubar details: ActionSetSelection_toolbarActions = &Toolbar details: ActionSetSelection_descriptionColumnHeader = Description ActionSetSelection_menuColumnHeader = Shortcut HideItems_itemInActionSet = Contributed by the ''{0}'' action set. This class defines the initial Perspective and defines the WorkbenchWindowAdvisor class.

Operations_linearRedoViolation=Local changes in ''{0}'' have been undone since ''{1}'' was undone. About this website Support free content Questions and discussion Tutorial & code license Get source code 15.1. XMLMemento_ioError = Could not read content of XML file. Add Extension Points Under "Overview" view of your plug-in, click "Extensions" tab.

Eclipse 3.x vs. PreferenceNode_NotFound = {0} not found Preference_note = Note: # --- Workbench --- WorkbenchPreference_showMultipleEditorTabsButton = Show &multiple editor tabs WorkbenchPreference_allowInplaceEditingButton = Allow in-place &system editors WorkbenchPreference_useIPersistableEditorButton = Restore &editor state on startup Workbench Advisor- invisible technical component which controls the appearance of the application (menus, toolbars, perspectives, etc) The Eclipse application is the equivalent of the Java main() method. ListSelection_title = Selection Needed ListSelection_message = Select the items: SelectionDialog_selectLabel = &Select All SelectionDialog_deselectLabel = &Deselect All ElementTreeSelectionDialog_nothing_available=No entries available.

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