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Eclipse Unable To Read Workbench State Could Not Find View

Why does this happen? WorkbenchStatusDialog_MultipleProblemsHaveOccured=Multiple problems have occurred WorkbenchStatusDialog_ProblemOccurred=A problem has occurred. EditorManager_saveChangesOptionallyQuestion = ''{0}'' has been modified, but is still open elsewhere with identical changes. AboutPluginsDialog_errorTitle = Problems Opening File AboutPluginsDialog_unableToOpenFile = Unable to find file {0} in plug-in {1}. http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-read-workbench-state.html

HideMenuItems_menuStructure = &Menu Structure: HideToolBarItems_toolBarItemsTab = Tool Bar Visibility HideToolBarItems_chooseToolBarItemsLabel = Choose which tool bar items to display. You can give it a name like My Favorite Perspective. Darins "Matt Kruse" wrote in message news:bca3vm$5v7$1@rogue.oti.com... > I get this error every once in a while when I start Eclipse: > Unable to read workbench state. the error in opening Websphere MQ explorer perspective is "problems opening perspective. https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/22424/

com.ibm.mq.explorer.ui.internal.perspective.mqperspective" i am using MQ v6 and eclipse platform v3. I am able to click on the SVN Repository button, open a new window and browse the SVN Repositories. PartPane_sizeLeft=&Left PartPane_sizeRight=&Right PartPane_sizeTop=&Top PartPane_sizeBottom=&Bottom PartPane_detach = &Detached PartPane_restore = &Restore PartPane_move=&Move PartPane_size=&Size PartPane_maximize = Ma&ximize PartPane_close = &Close PartPane_closeOthers=Close &Others PartPane_closeAll=Close &All PartPane_newEditor=New &Editor PluginAction_operationNotAvailableMessage = The chosen operation is not SelectWorkingSetAction_toolTip= Select a working set EditWorkingSetAction_text= &Edit Active Working Set...

PageLayout_duplicateRefPart=Part already exists in page layout: {0}. Just in case there was any confusion 🙂 However, if the repositories view can't be opened, you probably won't be able to delete or add repository paths. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Do you want to overwrite?

Spring, by Pivotal SpringSource Tools Team More about AJDT, Groovy-Eclipse, and Grails tooling #2 Nov 24th, 2010, 11:46 AM I am not so familiar with Subclipse. Try "eclipse.exe - clean" or your Linux equivalent. Clear your .log file located at [your workspace dir]/.metadata/.log, replicate issue and attach file here I would recommend you do the following - 1. useful reference And then suddenly everything went south and we’re writing code… 2 days ago Twitter Facebook Google Plus Follow us on social media 01 Dec Webclipse CI 9 is out, and with

ErrorPreferencePage_errorMessage = An error has occurred when creating this preference page. WorkbenchStatusDialog_NoMessageAvailable=No message available WorkbenchStatusDialog_SeeDetails=See 'Details' for more information. ToggleEditor_hideEditors = Hide &Editors ToggleEditor_showEditors = Show &Editors ToggleEditor_toolTip = Hide/Show Editors LockToolBarAction_text = Lock the &Toolbars LockToolBarAction_toolTip = Lock the Toolbars # --- Customize Perspective Dialog --- EditActionSetsAction_text = Customi&ze BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=en_US Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86 -install file:C:/Program Files/Eclipse/ !ENTRY org.vssplugin 1 0 Jun 12, 2003 09:46:49.49 !MESSAGE Status Updater Thread started !ENTRY

Shortcuts_availableMenus = &Submenus: Shortcuts_availableCategories = Shortcut &Categories: Shortcuts_allShortcuts = S&hortcuts: ActionSetSelection_actionSetsTab = Command Groups Availability ActionSetSelection_selectActionSetsLabel = Select the command groups that you want to see added to the current perspective How enable Project References for TypeScript 1 888 914 6620 Contact Products Company Support RT @thomasfuchs: ~15 years trying to make everyone separate HTML, JS & CSS. They no longer exist and are incorporated into something newly introduced in v6.0, right? WorkingSetSelectionDialog_removeButton_label= &Remove WorkbenchPage_workingSet_default_label=Window Working Set WorkbenchPage_workingSet_multi_label=Multiple Working Sets # ================================================================= # System Summary # ================================================================= SystemSummary_title = Configuration Details SystemSummary_timeStamp= *** Date: {0} SystemSummary_systemProperties= *** System properties: SystemSummary_features= *** Features: SystemSummary_pluginRegistry=

HideItems_commandGroupTitle = &Command Groups: HideItems_turnOnActionSets = &Filter by command group HideItems_dynamicItemName = [Dynamic] HideItems_dynamicItemDescription = The labels and number of menu items contributed by this dynamic entry are variable. http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-find-jvm-dll.html If you are experiencing a similar issue, please ask a related question Suggested Solutions Title # Comments Views Activity Java Message handling in Service Layer 3 43 64d Java Filesystem manipulation This job is used to start up and manage listeners and services. These changes must be undone before proceeding.

Close Ran Updates - Can no longer use Subversion Genuitec :: Driving Development for Leading Organizations › Forums › MyEclipse IDE › Installation, Configuration & Updates This topic contains 2 replies, Workbench UI layout will be reset. > Why does this happen? Operations_proceedWithNonOKRedoStatus={0}\nProceed with redoing ''{1}'' anyway? http://netfiscal.com/eclipse-unable/eclipse-unable-to-read-workbench-state-problems-occurred-restoring-perspective.html SaveAs_toolTip = Save As SaveAll_text = Sav&e All SaveAll_toolTip = Save All Workbench_revert = Rever&t Workbench_revertToolTip = Revert Workbench_move = Mo&ve...

Get release notes for CollabNet 5.3.0? As you finish projects in Quip, the work remains, easily accessible to all team members, new and old. - Increase transparency - Onboard new hires faster - Access from mobile/offline Try OpenBrowserHandler_NoInfoDialogTitle=No Further Information OpenRecent_errorTitle = Problems opening editor OpenRecent_unableToOpen = Unable to open ''{0}''.

There is no corresponding perspective extension.

Workbench_problemsSaving=Problems occurred saving workbench. Restart now? java:152) at org.eclipse.ui.internal.registry.RegistryReader.readElements (RegistryReader. NewWizardAction_toolTip = New CloseAllAction_text = C&lose All CloseAllAction_toolTip = Close All CloseOthersAction_text = Close O&thers CloseOthersAction_toolTip = Close Others CloseAllSavedAction_text = Cl&ose All Saved CloseAllSavedAction_toolTip = Close All Saved CloseEditorAction_text =

HideItemsCannotMakeVisible_dialogTitle = Make Item Visible HideItemsCannotMakeVisible_unavailableCommandGroupText = "{0}" cannot be made visible because it is in the unavailable "{1}" command group. EditorManager_operationFailed = {0} Failed EditorManager_saveChangesQuestion = ''{0}'' has been modified. ViewsPreference_presentationConfirm_yes = Yes ViewsPreference_presentationConfirm_no = No ViewsPreference_editors = Editor tab positions ViewsPreference_editors_top = &Top ViewsPreference_editors_bottom = &Bottom ViewsPreference_views = View tab positions ViewsPreference_views_top = T&op ViewsPreference_views_bottom = Botto&m ViewsPreference_perspectiveBar = Perspective navigate here You can also add your comments to bug 36984 to describe your problem.

Select the &resources to save now anyway: EditorManager_saveResourcesTitle = Save Resources EditorManager_exceptionRestoringEditor = Internal error activating an Editor. # The parameter {0} stands for the status message EditorManager_unableToCreateEditor = Could not Page generated in 0.02148 seconds .:: Contact :: Home ::. ContentTypes_fileAssociationsRemoveLabel = &Remove ContentTypes_contentTypesLabel = &Content types: ContentTypes_errorDialogMessage = There was an error removing content type file association(s). it worked for me when i had problem in loading my workbench: Go to your workspace folder Make a backup of your “.metadata“-folder (very important!!) navigate into the “.plugins“-folder located inside

FileEditorPreference_isLocked = {0} (locked by ''{1}'' content type) FileExtension_extensionEmptyMessage = The file extension cannot be empty FileExtension_fileNameInvalidMessage = The file name cannot include the wild card character (*) in the current i was fed up of this error,so posted it twice... Perspective_multipleErrors = Errors have occurred while saving the workbench: See error log for more details. PartStack_incorrectPartInFolder=Incorrect part {0} contained in a part stack. # ============================================================================== # Keys used in the reuse editor which is released as experimental. # ============================================================================== PinEditorAction_text=Pin Editor PinEditorAction_toolTip=Pin Editor WorkbenchPreference_reuseEditors=&Close editors automatically

You can give it a name like My > Favorite Perspective. Could not find view: org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.ui.repository.Repo sitoriesView Could not find view: org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.ui.annotations.Ann otateView On the project context menu, when I select Team the only option I see is Apply Patch... EditorManager_invalidDescriptor = Invalid editor descriptor, id={0}. Tim 0 Message Author Comment by:vihar123 ID: 124911582004-11-04 ya i have tested they are working fine 0 Message Author Comment by:vihar123 ID: 124911612004-11-04 i have also saved them :-))))

posted 10 years ago Heh, yea. ErrorClosingNoArg = An error has occurred. BundleSigningTray_Determine_Signer_For=Determine Signer for {0} BundleSigningTray_Unsigned=Unsigned BundleSigningTray_Unknown=Unknown BundleSigningTray_Unget_Signing_Service=Return Signing Service # StatusDialog WorkbenchStatusDialog_StatusLabel=Status: WorkbenchStatusDialog_NotAvailable=Not available.

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