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Error Unable To Load Styleswf Is Not A Loadable Module

I am running this in debug mode through the IDE and get the error "Unable to load style(SWF is not a loadable module): ../cssSwf/green.swf" I also tried publishing the swf file So why do we still need the URLLoader from loadModule? asked 7 years ago viewed 2641 times active 7 years ago Blog Stack Overflow Gives Back 2016 Developers, Webmasters, and Ninjas: What’s in a Job Title? You might not care, but in case you do, here's what I know-and don't know. this contact form

Load Styles (Style progress events begin dispatching) 7. Recent Posts Best iPhone and iPad Wifi Settings My Thoughts on Flash Tribute to Steve Theme Change BYU MISM Graduation Apple Internship NoteSync with Google Docs Desktop Rocketship - Industrial Design Specifically, this is a workaround to allow an application being run * locally (not using a web server) to load a module residing on a remote server. * Usually, when attemping There are two steps here: (1) Retrieve the bytes from the server.

I am pretty new with AIR and modules so questions start popping up as I code along. I'm aghast that this issue still hasn't been fixed in 4.5 SDK. package com.aaronhardy { import flash.events.ErrorEvent; import flash.events.Event; import flash.events.EventDispatcher; import flash.events.IOErrorEvent; import flash.events.SecurityErrorEvent; import flash.net.URLLoader; import flash.net.URLLoaderDataFormat; import flash.net.URLRequest; import flash.utils.ByteArray; import mx.events.ModuleEvent; import mx.modules.IModuleInfo; import mx.modules.ModuleManager; /** * Run your application.

Please type your message and try again. Hence: it would seem bizarre if security constraints would be the root cause of the issue here. 06.21.2011 / Davis said: Follow-up -- I was able to solve this particular issue, Thanks, it's now clear. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by. 12.23.2009 / Mittul said: Thanks for a prompt reply.If its loaded in the session,can the module access the local file system?? 02.09.2010 / Vinny Savory said: Hi How is it importing to the same sandbox? Set a debugging breakpoint on bytesLoadedHandler() and modReadyHandler(). More discussions in Flex All CommunitiesFlex 5 Replies Latest reply on May 18, 2011 10:39 AM by Flex harUI Error: Unable to load style(SWF is not a loadable module):myFile.swf Aur_0r May

It's a fairly broad and in-depth topic, but if you have a more specific question I'll do what I can to answer. I was expecting it to return nth in that method, since the Module is already loaded and stuff. 09.08.2009 / Jamie said: Seems like the error is gone now (I didnt Much easier then code around module.load(), right? I cannot believe Adobe didn't anticipate such a basic need as using their stylesheets for AIR… 03.29.2011 / Harshal said: Thanks a Lot Aaron, works like a charm… but there are

Not sure but you might want to check to make sure that your server allows access to the file. visit after loading the resource module with resourceManager.loadResourceModule() i would do a resourceManager.getString() to obtain the other language's string values. Using polite form for neutral subjects Big O Notation "is element of" or "is equal" The Anti-Santa: Dealing with the Naughty List more hot questions question feed default about us tour I did not end up using your ModuleMarshaller, but I assume we work around the same problem by passing in the byte array.

I'm not really certain where to start answering your second question. weblink I was looking for the article like tis everywhere on net. Visit Chat Related 0Security issues when using Amazon S3 file hosting for Flex modules/swfs2loading swf from AmazonS3 - crossdomain policy1SWF Access Across Domains0Is it possible to prevent a locally-running SWF (AS3) It just gets loaded into memory for the user's session.

That'd be a good start… 01.07.2011 / Vitor Monteiro said: The best solution I've seen so far. It turns out that if I add "import mx.core.Singleton;" to the top of StyleManagerMarshaller class, it removes the odd "mx not found" error I previously mentioned, allowing me to compile everything. Or do I still need to call IStyleManager2.loadStyleDeclarations() afterwards, for example, after module ready? 06.21.2011 / Davis said: Dang! navigate here It seems like something gets garbage collected, and the event is lost most of the time.

Product SAP Customer Relationship Management 7.0 ; SAP Customer Relationship Management 7.0 on SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ; SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0 ; Thanks for the heads up. I basically just call loadModule() when the creatioinComplete event is fired, create the ModuleMarshaller instance with the location of the swf, and nothing happens after I run it.

Our company has very strict security policy so users were unable to freely download and install anything (hence can't use the Updater class to re-download the whole AIR file when we

If it doesn't than the issue is either with crossdomain.xml or in your code, which is less likely but we shouldn't rule it out just yet. Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 2. The error itself is kind of cryptic though. I want to fix the issue so that the loader can be offline and the css.swf can be online.

When the loader and css.swf are online it works fine, and when the loader and the css.swf are offline it works fine. The problem we run into, is that we are unable to load the modules located on a test server when we are debugging the main app locally. Aaron 1 - Adobe 0! 03.24.2011 / Gaius said: Seriously, thank-you. http://netfiscal.com/error-unable/error-unable-to-load-transient-module-bridge-failure.html I'm working on something similar; an application that loads runtime css.swf.

This situation is desired as it contracts me to use the 'live' styles while I do updates on my loader from my desktop. About Me Contact Me Resume « Previous Post Next Post » Loading a Remote Module into a Local App 08.14.2009 At work, we deal a lot with loading modules residing on I haven't been able to find a solid work around ANYwhere. Any ideas as to why.

But when I use it locally to access a style module on a different domain, or even upload it and run it from one domain and load from yet another domain, In other words, I think it's important to have it in StyleModuleMarshaller's modReadyHandler() but probably not in ModuleMarshaller. Because this is a security-related issue, there are no real workarounds. How to block Hot Network Questions in the sidebar of Stack Exchange network?

changing location of texmf folder for use across multiple computers (OS X / Apple) What are the considerations for waterproofing a building's first few floors? Comments are closed. Why such similarity yet one is able to be cast while the other is not? Problem is where to attach it?

That fixed it for Jamie. 12.01.2009 / Ben said: Whenever I add these classes to my project, it first tells me that StyleModuleMarshaller.as can't find "ModuleManager", so I have to import As far as I can tell its because the css.swf does not ‘allow' itself, security-wise to be loaded. Try uploading your local file to a server (any server you have access to) or, if you've got a local Apache or IIS running, try accessing that SWF using http://localhost/. I want to fix the issue so that the loader can be offline and the css.swf can be online.

if you send any example how to implement it will be very very very help full to me.Please help me in this Thanks J Kishore 05.18.2011 / Will said: Thank you I'll check back to this blog daily, and post the solution here if I find it elsewhere. What about ModuleManager.getModule…() in modReadyHandler? Do you know if there's a better way to swap modules in-and-out?

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