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Freebsd Unable To Write Data To Disk Ad0

Except for the passwords , I think everything is in here, including personal preferences. You can find your network interface names with the command: ifconfig -a Edit /etc/rc.conf, and check if your network cards are set up correctly, If your 'public' network card is connected To make apache::mp3 find them, follow the next steps. Document conventions Security Backup Who am I? weblink

I will search for the notes on backup procedures i took, and post them here as soon as I find them. Second, I presume you are booted to that drive. portupgrade Easy way to update/upgrade installed ports and packages to new version portupgrade-2.0.1_1,1 FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool s Install package: pkg_add -r portupgrade (This will also install package 'ruby') You can use regular expressions after pressing ALT-R, you can use CTRL-R to use 'Search and replace' CTRL-K - Copies the current line to memmory and removes it ('cut'). other

max log size = 50 # Set the log (verbosity) level (0 <= log level <= 10) ; log level = 3 Today I wanted to use the other 40 GB of my hard disk and create two more slices each 20 GB. It's your system, and your responsibility (not mine) to stay informed of security issues, and keeping up to date by applying the correct patches. you can direct to the same e-mail address.

You know what, after googling for serveral hours, Ifound out thatit did not let me write on the disk because the kernel hadSECURELEVEL=2. IN MX 10 localhost IN A . This makes it unpractical to set-up static ip adresses onto these machines themselves, as the network settings would probably have to be changed everytime the laptop is plugged into another network. I will skip the step to check the ISO-file for hacker-tampering by comparing the MD5 or SHA256 checksums.

Since then, I've been using this machine more and more, I've installed extra services (webserver, ftp-server, samba) on it to use it as a NAS-device, and I installed larger and larger No Would you like to set this machine's time zone now? The original /var contained /var/account: /var/at: /var/backups: /var/crash: /var/cron: /var/db: /var/games: /var/log: /var/lost+found: /var/mail: /var/msgs: /var/preserve: /var/qmail: /var/run: /var/rwho: /var/smtpd: /var/spool: /var/tmp: /var/webmin: /var/yp: How can I restore the full functioning http://marc.info/?l=freebsd-questions&m=105440083121352&w=2 Yes (In the future, I want to use my FreeBSD machine as a network router) Do you want to configure inetd and the network services that it provides?

Yes X Exit The FreeBSD package collection … Would you like to browse the collection now? The passwords i'm using (for the root user, -user, MySQL-database, phpMyAdmin) will all be referenced to as '', '' or something like that throughout this document. But again I get: > > Error: unable to write data to disk ad0 > > Now I am booting with the install floppies again. So I select "W" to write the changes, and it pukes: ERROR: Unable to write data to disk ad0!

These laptops are not always connected to this network, but sometimes they are taken by their owner to another location, and plugged into another network. useful source You might have luck adjusting your partition sizes using a tool like 'Partition Magic'. Hmm, I tried both in multiuser and singleuser mode. By the way, this is in either the handbook, FAQs or the archive.

BTW, one of the coolest features, available since 1.0.2 I believe, is the setup of the built-in PDF Converter, basically setting up a pipe to ghostscript in the openoffice-spadmin utility.....it rocks....opened have a peek at these guys Next up, is the sysinstall Main Menu. The advantage of partitioning is, in my opinion, to prevent insufficient diskspace issues for certain things: Otherwise, if I would upload too much data (e.g. A new FreeBSD version, version 7.0, is under active development, with some nice features.

However, on rebooting boot was aborted, was thrown into single users mode. changing the hostname Set hostname (perhaps already set correctly during install): nano /etc/rc.conf hostname="" changing the dns servers Set up the DNS servers, if not already done so: nano /etc/resolv.conf The system does not allow you to modify the label on the boot drive. http://netfiscal.com/freebsd-unable/freebsd-unable-to-determine-cpu-frequency.html No Would you like to add any initial user accounts?

This guide explains how to install the software that I have chosen, and as a result of that it won't include Sendmail, Cyrus- & UW-IMAP, GiFT, boa, Mambo, pine, and thousands Reinstalling FreeBSD from scratch took much time everytime I saw no way out, and often copying configuration files from the old installation to the new machine didn't work. Socket939: nVidia nForce4 FOXCONN (модель не помню) работает на ура под восьмёркой.Хард, правда, SATA. Вернуться к началу storm рядовой Сообщения: 48 Зарегистрирован: 2008-09-26 16:04:39 Откуда: Киев Контактная информация: Контактная информация пользователя

To start Vi (for the kick of it, to boast to your friends, or just to test your 'l33t UNIX 5ki11Z'), enter: vi bash Command shell with command completion (enter just

Yes (I do want this, as I know it will provide an easy way to share files over the network with other machines, your choice may be different: if you choose I do not want to accidentally overwrite my goodpartitions.Can somebody tell me a simple way to add a new label? Any questions, corrections, etc. I do not want to accidentally overwrite my good > partitions. > Can somebody tell me a simple way to add a new label?

Hmm, I tried both in multiuser and singleuser mode. The important files are: * named.conf * *.zone (the files you will create for every domain name) Configure package: cd /etc/named sh make-localhost nano named.conf Comment out the line "listen-on …": The fixit is now on the main install CD. this content In any of those categories you can find tens, hundreds of good pieces of software which can all suit your needs.

You can use sysinstall from that as well if you don't want to handle fdisk and bsdlabel yourself. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? You might also not be very lucky, shooting yourself in the foot by wiping out your entire harddisk in the process. Just boot it and then choose the fixit item and get a UNIX shell.

Yes Is this machine's CMS clock set to UTC? Are the right installation manuals avalable? (e.g.

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