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The staff will delete your post on sight. Try a couple of servers to see if you can connect to one of them. I'm Sad. [TekSavvy] by rodjames335. If you think you should have access to this server contact the administrator of the server and request for an I-Line for the host/IP number that you are trying to connect http://netfiscal.com/unable-to/dns-unable-to-resolve.html

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Mirc Unable To Connect To Server

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The best solution here is to try to connect to another server. Contributor adamv commented Feb 2, 2013 If you brew edit irssi and use MacPort's options, do things work? Try again in a few minutes, or try another server. Mirc Font Killed - occurs when a user is disconnected because an oper felt that user was being abusive enough to warrant being "kicked" off the network.

thanks Also, in this period there were no router changes or ISP changes.... Irc Invisible Mode IRC: Unable to resolve server Discussion in 'Computing & Technology' started by gummi_, Dec 29, 2005. Please connect directly to the network. _______________ Top xfgexo Newbie Joined: 07/22/2007Posts: 2Posted: 07/25/2007 11:49:34 AMSubject: Re: A Guide to Connection IssuesEverything had been working but now whenever i try http://www.mirc.com/faq6.html If you can surf the web, then other issues might be to blame, including the server you are trying to connect to may be offline or experiencing a high load of

Used Messenger: Kopete 0.12.3 Top Teddy` Newbie Joined: 02/15/2004Posts: 17Posted: 12/17/2007 07:16:01 AMSubject: Re: A Guide to Connection IssuesOriginally posted by _marvin: What about this? [...] 12:33:53 : :Clan-Server.AT.EU.GameSurge.net 465 Mirc Help If you were connected to the server and get this error after a disconnection, its because the IRCD (server program) is down (probably rebooting). My connection goes from my modem, to my VDV21-VD Vonage router, to my Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router. Try another server.

Irc Invisible Mode

Try another server. 'CONNECTION REFUSED', 'CONNECTION TIMED OUT' or 'UNKNOWN HOST' The server may not be available or there may be a problem with the DNS entry. Forum threads affected by flame wars or potential flame-baiting posts are subject to thread closure or post deletion without warning. Mirc Unable To Connect To Server Should you want to advertise, please notify a staff or moderator for approval. Mirc Default Font Inflammatory remarks about another's culture, country, religion, or ethnicity intended to incite hatred will not be tolerated.

Either when you try to reach a far away server or when connections somewhere in between your Internet provider and the IRC server are broken. navigate here Connection Timed Out Error Message * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) Reason/Cause This error can be caused by a lot of things, including the server you are attempting Self-created HF groups are also subject to this rule. Contributor jacknagel commented Nov 29, 2012 I'm going to guess this is not a Homebrew issue. Change Mirc Background Color

Did anybody else find this fucking hillarious (sp?), no, ok. When i try to connect, to any server, it responds with the pop up message 'Unable to resolve server.' The options mIRC help suggests are to try a different server (done, Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube RSS Social This! http://netfiscal.com/unable-to/fsck-unable-to-resolve.html Try another server on the same IRC network, preferably a more nearby server, one in your own country or one provided by your own Internet Provider.

Kill lines are essentially bans from an IRC server used for severe abuse cases. Mirc Scripting From there all the convo's on IRC basically stopped dead, which made me raise my eyebrow. so confused >.< Last edited on 07/24/2008 11:44:13 PM by bigboy15243.

I don't know why SOCKS support is buggy, but how needed is this feature?

Guidelines for Direct Downloads: As a rule, all direct download threads should contain "[download]" label in their thread. Or it just simply become unstable (disconect) and go down. So quickly and join our friendly community. Irc Commands Cheat Sheet Try another server.

Please view http://www.gamesurge.net/forums/FT0Ksi6YS6. _______________ Top coreyj3131 Posted: 10/29/2007 12:27:32 PMSubject: Re: A Guide to Connection IssuesThis is the error I get: [11:16] * Connecting to irc.gamesurge.net (6667) - [11:16] * Links ChanFix Undernet Forum How to Find People Undernet Info Other If this page does not display properly in your Internet Explorer, blame Bill Gates and go get Firefox! Let me know if there is anything I can do. http://netfiscal.com/unable-to/error-105-unable-to-resolve-dns.html It will refuse access if more people from your place are on this IRC server already, using the same proxy, or if you have more IRC clients running.

If a member still has doubts about the image or text before putting it as avatar or signature, please feel free to PM a staff member for opinion & advice. kjmph commented Nov 29, 2012 For instance, I exploded the tar.bz2 from /Library/Caches/Homebrew, applied the patches from 'brew edit irssi' and ran './configure' with no other options. Each and every member is subject to abide the rules of this site. Also, advertisements such as "free iPods, etc." are not allowed.

Using a signature with an existing HF member's name on it is also forbidden. I may cry. NO ROUTE TO HOST Unable to connect (no route to host) This normally means you are not properly connected to the Internet. Back to Top "unable to resolve server" message on IRC chat at irc.internetplays.com Share Options Subscribe to RSS Feed Mark Topic as New Mark Topic as Read Float this Topic to

nslookup works fine for the server in question. We also consider DoS (Denial Of Service) A SERIOUS OFFENSE. * Do NOT attempt to guess passwords for accounts that do NOT belong to you. This means you do not have access to this server. This also depends on the number of complaints received from members or if it goes against our better judgement, the thread will be removed without prior notice.

There is no need to lynch them for it. * Attacking a member based on his/her opinion. a copy might be useful in Help & Support and/or the Community Center. ... ... That's client side ISP/DNS related. I did a 'brew edit irssi' and nothing stands out to me.

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